Showers & Mirrors


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A glass shower enclosure installed by Dallas Glass will add functionality as well as beauty to your bathroom. We offer a wide variety of shower enclosures, from by-pass sliding doors to frameless heavy glass configurations. Our measure technicians and sales specialists work closely with homeowners and contractors to assure we have met your design needs.

Glass shower enclosures are less susceptible to mold and mildew, and can help increase the value of your home. All shower enclosures offered by Dallas Glass can be ordered with a water repelling coating, making it easier to keep your shower enclosure clean and mineral deposit free.



Our expert team specializes in custom installations of high-quality mirrors that will add elegance and functionality to any space. Mirrors are one of the more versatile items in your home; whether hanging on the wall with a beautiful frame, floor to ceiling in your home gym, or the ever-functional bathroom vanity mirror. Let Dallas Glass find the perfect mirror solution for you.